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Blowing the Breath and Life into Our Communities (Isaiah 42:5)

October 13, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT


The 100 Fathers Inc and the DMV Fatherhood Coalition in Collaboration with The Black Women for Positive Change invite our National Partners on Oct 13, 2020 to our 9 th Annual National Week of Non Violence Program that will address Current Solutions to Violence, Murder and Death in our Community. We shall reverse hate to love and turn ignorance to wisdom through our courageous sacrifices to regain peace in our streets, in our homes and in our communities.

Dateline Washington D.C the National Zoom event involves 5 Major Components.
The event will open with a word of introduction from Ms Daun Hester, Executive Leadership for the National Black Women for Positive Change and National President, Dr Stephanie Myers.
We will be blessed with the Invocation from The Rev Dr M Julius Hayes of Norfolk Va. “ The Preacher from the Seven Cities in VA and 100 Fathers inc. Spiritual Director.
The Master of Ceremony will be the Great Darius A Stanton of the Peace in the Morning Show
100 Fathers Inc. CEO, Franklyn Malone, will set the stage with the purpose, the plan and the intended
outcome along with powerful words from Mr. Tyrone Parker, Executive Director of the Alliance of
Concerned Men.

This exciting Program will address Non Violence through the stories and solutions of 4 Major Community
● Ms Rhonda Hamilton of MI Mothers Keeper and creator of Enuff is Enuff, an initiative that calls on resources to address mental intelligence and mental health using innovative successful approaches.
● Community Leader, Mr. Clayton Rosenberg, Director of the Alliance of Concerned Men Cure the
Streets Program and the Incredible Messenger Programs will share the success of how these
courageous men and Women address gun violence and community safety issues to reduce
● Fatherhood Leaders of the 100 Fathers Inc will feature their powerful successful fatherhood
training that touches manhood, addresses reactionary masculinity syndrome using love, engagement, connection enlightenment and empowerment to create a new generation of leaders in the schools and the community such as Man the Block
● The Conversation -A Special Segment of this powerful story will be revealed during the program where Mr David Grogan of the 100 Fathers Inc will interview 3 outstanding Youth who have followed their mentors and transformed into community leaders with degrees, education and
experience equipped to help the community to achieve peace. Mr. Deandre Sellers of the 100 Fathers inc, Mr Clayton Rosenberg of The Alliances of Concerned Men and Ms Knakiya Wheaton of Uniting Our Youth
● The Power Note from the Key note Speaker will represent Moms Demand Action about getting guns off of our streets The Rev Emanuel Alexander Lipscomb a survivor of Gun violence and spokesperson for Cause Internationally and a former Ground Zero worker at the WTO. Attack.
Rev. Lipscomb a Former Director of the Martin Luther King Center and Currently a minister for Zion Baptist Church in DC.
Other featured performers: Venro Records Recording artist, Mr. Royal Height producer of Black Lives Matter and the 100 Fathers Inc Theme Song.

Special Thanks to Mr. Donveto Premier and his talented team the Community Connoisseurs


October 13, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT


100 Fathers Inc


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